February 02, 2006

Doodle History: zinkibaru, paintchip


Blogger Caroline said...

Wow its become like a wall-hanging! Yet the web seems to have caught some people in it too...

very intruiging and effective

9:54 pm  
Blogger johnnynorms said...

This is great for watching out for burglars while you're sleeping under it! Then the mouths can give the alarm.

10:08 am  
Blogger Paint Chip (aka Cindy) said...

ROFLOL! That's just too funny Johnny.

2:18 pm  
Blogger johnnynorms said...

I'm borrowing this carpet of eyes for a little bit of adding.

10:20 pm  
Blogger johnnynorms said...

There is now a feline furtheration at http://camelexchange.blogspot.com/2006/02/cat-on-web-quilt.html

8:26 pm  

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