May 25, 2006

JE Strip: Close Encounters

doodle history: joy eliz, ian russell


Blogger Caroline said...

Wow now that is amazing!

9:58 pm  
Blogger Joy Eliz said...

Alien carrots! Gadzooks!!!
Ha-ha! I love it!
I am in awe of your cartooning skills! Now I'm going to have to really put some effort into the one I'm working on:)

3:52 am  
Blogger johnnynorms said...

Marvellously entertaining way to start the day! Carrots for breakfast, after the ice cream that Eliz has recommended!

8:33 am  
Blogger ian russell said...

well now, i'm not sure it's a skill - just a hefty diet of comic strips when i were a lad. i like this way of telling stories...

fwiw, it was the first frame that had me stumped for a bit cos the other two definitely shouted lettuce to me. a good challenge, joy.

11:39 am  
Blogger johnnynorms said...

I see you had a 'misspent' youth reading comics Ian - it can be put to good use...
I like the notion of something shouting lettuce! I now have a vision of lettuce yelling at me. And maybe all the members of CE could simultaneously shout LETTUCE at 3pm this afternoon (GMT).

11:48 am  

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