May 11, 2006

tooting car moon

doodle history: ian russell, ian russell*

Farook the fish vendor realises his dreams of a better life following an incident on a blistering day in the souk while tooting car moon is relieved to chill his noggin.

*not the same ian russell, but an older version with mild amnesia over any subconscious notions of what the original was about...


Blogger Caroline said...

I love it - had you thought of this when you set the exercise?

I especailly like the look on the sun's face in the middle picture - funny!

5:23 pm  
Blogger ian russell said...

not at all! truth is i can't remember what was in my mind - honestly, i spent more time drawing the three frames than their contents.

you file stuff away mentally - about a year ago i heard an egyptologist talk about Tutenkamun. he pronounced it like 2-10 kaaa moooon - i liked that - later i thought wouldn't it be great if it was like a tooting car. you can imagine the sort of thing during the cairo rush hour when everyone gets hot and bothered.

so, that's sometimes how my mind works - how about yours? :o)

9:31 pm  

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