January 27, 2006

Chimney Face

This is another of Caroline's starting points, and next above is my first addition to it.

Proposed rules: Well, I don't think there should be many rules.

1 I think there should be a good leeway for freedom of expression, but those running the blog have final veto of anything that seems purposefully offensive, obnoxious or obstructive. You know the sort of thing I mean!

2 Each collaboration should perhaps have a running list underneath of the people that have added to it, starting obviously with the originator.

3 Not sure about this one, but I think if you intend to work on any doodle, you should try to pick up the latest version of it. Otherwise there will be too many myriad versions knocking around. I think it will be more interesting to have focused cumulations. ?

4 As Caroline says, if a person wants to contribute they can leave a comment with location of picture version, or new picture. I guess blog membership shouldn't be too large, otherwise complete bedlam, but on the other hand, with more people running it, more will happen more often! Maybe just see how it goes, how popular it is and so on. Thoughts Caroline?

5 Editors of the blog can decide when a doodle has done the rounds enough, and call it closed. Best stages of all these exchanges could then be plucked from the archives and put in best of archives. Something to consider a bit later on - I want to put my own house in order (Elbowroom blog) before I get entangled in that!

6 What about the camel logo? Did you have some idea of using that Caroline? Or we could just integrate with the blog title.


Blogger Caroline said...

Good rules!

Let's see how they work.

I liked your series of stages posting so a way of doing a final one could include each stage too....

10:15 am  
Blogger Paint Chip (aka Cindy) said...

Oh, oh, Can I play? I'd love to join the group and do come collaborative art with you folks!

If I get the okay from you, I'll start a new folder on my flickr account for shares, or I can just post them in one of my blogs and then link from here to there. Let me know what works best for the group.

10:57 pm  
Blogger Caroline said...

Now I've found this (after writing responses to your comments under photos you've taken)!

You are very very welcome to join in.

A flickr place would be excellent! Just let us know where it is and one of us will put it on this blog!

5:11 pm  
Blogger Caroline said...

About the Camel logo - integrating it with the title would brighten the place up wouldn't it?

And strangely (or not) the current word verification is itlama... sounds like a change for the camel is on the cards...

3:33 pm  

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