February 09, 2006

Doorway 2

Doorway 2
Originally uploaded by Caro's Lines.

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Blogger Caroline said...

I thought rather than just moving up an unused one I'd play with it a bit first.

I had fun using Painter IX's image hose here to do the bricks and branches.

8:15 pm  
Blogger johnnynorms said...

I'm glad you did, it looks good - reminds me of an old pc game Knightlore, all twisty branches and doorways too.

And NOW I want to snaffle it! I have a cool idea which might not work at all, but it's got to be tried...

10:10 pm  
Blogger Caroline said...

Oh well, there you go... nothing original under the sun... tee hee.. have fun... doesn't matter if it doesn't work does it?

10:24 pm  
Blogger johnnynorms said...

Doorway 3 is at http://camelexchange.blogspot.com/2006/02/doorway-3.html

11:53 pm  

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