February 03, 2006

Trapeze - 2

After I snagged this from TCE, my DD snagged it from me and decided to have a go at it. Hope you all don't mind. She's not a member of this blog. But she goes by Dark Angel elsewhere on the WWW. So I'll give her the credits under that name here too.

Among other things, she's added a computer mouse attached to a window to indicate how the WWW is like a window to the world. She added a telephone conversation between two people also. Can you see these little pieces?

Doodle History: Johnnynorms , DarkAngel


Blogger Caroline said...

This is interesting and its the other way up too! I love those tiny details - very symbolic.

4:18 pm  
Blogger johnnynorms said...

A fascinating progression. I like the way the original shapes have been interpreted.

It's a very pleasureable moment of surprise when the picture is just appearing.

5:15 pm  

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