June 06, 2007

The On-Lookers

Howdy guys. Sorry I never contributed to this blog but I'm hoping to change that as of right now. I've been having an interesting begining of the summer and it's got my creativity flowing. But it's cool for me to see how others do their creative nods, so here is some for you ladies and gentlemen. Hope it sparks your imagination.

Started: Jason


Blogger Caroline said...

Um... half the people who are members here are women... I hope you didn't mean those "guys" and "boys" to exclude us?

6:17 am  
Blogger Jason said...

My bad, Caroline. I haven't been here in years. Please forgive me.

10:10 am  
Blogger Jo said...

Can I do my 'little britain' " but we're ladies" in a silly voice, I dunno if Jason will get it but I'm in a silly mood, these are good though,I'll see waht I come up with

7:16 pm  

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