January 28, 2006


Here are three quick doodles from me for starters (me = johnnynorms).

I won't be offended if any are non-inspirers and don't get taken up. That's another aspect to consider of the logistics of this blog. Some things will get taken up, and others will lie neglected - maybe for ever! Blog members should spot lonely drawings from time to time, and post them to the top of the pile "Any takers?" by changing the post date.


Blogger zinkibaru said...

I've printed and added to this one. I have to get off the computer now so I'll upload it to my blog this evening. You can either copy it from there or I can email you the file. This was fun :)

12:31 pm  
Blogger zinkibaru said...

I've now uploaded to my blog (weirdorwise) so feel free to copy :)

11:09 pm  

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