January 11, 2007

Camel Re-Visted

Camel Re-Visted
Originally uploaded by Caro's Lines.
For more sizes click on the image to go to flickr.

This is a new version of the Camel that started the Camel Exchange off last January.

Collaborative doodle: JohnnyNorms, Caroline


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nrobysI really like this and I thinks its got alot of potential, I'm hoping to try and contribute something at least once a week so off to work!

3:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(nrobysl-grr stoopid machine its the word verification, not me cursing in some obscure tongue, but might aswell be)

3:47 pm  
Blogger Caroline said...

krzlo to you Jo!!! ;-)

4:37 pm  
Blogger steve said...

Nice--resurrected as the Electric Camel!

4:35 pm  

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