January 05, 2007

in negative space

...no one can hear you scream.

A Broomless Crone Contemplates the Gibbousness of a Midnight Moon (in double-negative space)

Never Drink the Hair Oil before Executing Delicate Comb-Overs for Distinguished Clients.

Doodle History: Caroline, Steve, Ian


Blogger steve said...

Holy cow! Ian, I knew you would bring pure brilliance to this. I'm speechless, seriously man. Sorry if I'm gushing some here.

12:27 am  
Blogger Caroline said...

Ian these are brilliant - dauntingly brilliant!

8:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't find any new adjectives, they are so simple but skilfully executed, brill!!

10:12 pm  
Blogger johnnynorms said...

I can't decide which I like best, so they're both equally best with the moody moon witch edging ahead by a whisker of a black cat.

12:57 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're way too kind to me! it's the sort of thing I'd do in school when I should have been learning faraday's law or bending moments. now I have to bend with the moment in case they end up bending me...

9:52 pm  

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