December 20, 2006

Christmas Present

Doodle History: Caroline

Thanks for the nudge to post this here Steve!

Update: I've just reloaded this on flickr with the biggest image I have. You can find it at:

December 19, 2006

(re)composed angel(s)

Doodle History: Zinkibaru, Mariyarn, Steve

December 17, 2006

Composed Angel

Doodle history: Zinkibaru, Mariyarn

December 12, 2006

intergalactic romantic excursions #41

a day at the firefalls on romulus IV

doodle history: steve, ian russell

December 05, 2006

a line plus...

December 03, 2006

Beautiful Caroline

Doodle History: Caroline, Isay

December 01, 2006

Carolina Moon

Doodle History: Caroline, Johnnynorms

Some biro, then lots of pattern stamp and digital brush.
Below an altered colour/contrast version.
Carolina Moon is a jazz tune - I can hear Thelonious Monk
in my head right now, tinkling away at it.