April 26, 2006

chimney face 7

April 25, 2006

story strip

doodle history: ian russell

it would be fun for me if everyone made up a different story - captions and allsorts of extra stuff. :o)

hair heaven 2: the cat's whiskers


doodle history: Jocelyn, ian russell

The Chimney Head returns

doodle history: Caroline, Johnnynorms, Paint Chip, Caroline, Johnnynorms, Caroline

An experiment in showing previous versions - I've linked each to the full-size if you would like to play with one of these (sorry about the odd scalings...):

Hair Heaven

This one is 4 Ian!

Doodle history: Jocelyn/Cheap Tart

In Texas they say,
"The higher you tease your hair, the closer to heaven your are!"

April 22, 2006

Green Ham etc - detail

Green Ham 2 - detail
Originally uploaded by Caro's Lines.

For more sizes click on the image to go to flickr.

joy eliz, ian russell, Caroline

I was going to add this detail to the one I posted yesterday but I forgot so here it is on its own.

April 21, 2006

peacock 2

go on! i'm so proud of you!

doodle history: joy eliz, ian russell

Touch of Red 2

doodle history: johnnynorms, zinkibaru, ian russell

Green Ham, Eggs and Spinach Juice get out of hand...

Green Ham 2
Originally uploaded by Caro's Lines.

For more sizes click on the image to go to flickr.

joy eliz, ian russell, Caroline

April 20, 2006

Proposed Exchange Change

What are all your thoughts on changing the rules slightly, to make doodle-adding a bit more free. Instead of trying to stick to just newest versions, we could say anyone's free to dip in anywhere old and new. That way it's less confusing and gives a less restrictive feel to the concept.
I know it's like chucking out one of our very few rules, but I personally am all in favour of it. Liberty to the doodles!

Green Eggs, Ham and Spinach Juice

doodle history: joy eliz, ian russell

April 19, 2006

Like Norms...

Like Norms
Doodle history: Joy Eliz

Doodle Fragments 2

Doodle history: johnnynorms, Joy Eliz

April 18, 2006

Green eggs, ham and spinach juice

eggs & ham
Doodle history: Joy Eliz


Doodle history: Joy Eliz

Boom Box

Doodle history: Joy Eliz

April 16, 2006

Touch of Red

Doodle history: johnnynorms, zinkibaru

April 14, 2006


Doodle history: Zink, Joy Eliz

Hurrah! I got a new scanner...I'm back at Camel Exchange!!!!

April 04, 2006

Starter: electric plant

electric plant
doodle history: johnnynorms

more sizes on flickr - just click the picture.

Starter: springboard

doodle history: johnnynorms

Starter: doodle fragments

doodle fragments
doodle history: johnnynorms